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SaphetyDoc Solution

Changing to digital business transactions brings two immediate advantages: economic and environmental. Through SaphetyDoc – Electronic Invoicing Solution – you will send and receive electronic invoices to and from customers and suppliers, and file all invoices in digital format, with full legal and fiscal validity. This translates into effective savings in terms of resources, costs and space. Integrated with your company’s ERP/Management Software, it also minimizes the use of paper and reduces up to 50% of your processing and filing costs. In other words, with the same resources you will produce more but spend less. And at the same time, you’ll be helping the environment.
SaphetyDoc enables you to exchange business documentation electronically, such as purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices, in a simple way and at a low cost. While complying with all legal requirements related to e-invoicing, SaphetyDoc allows to completely eliminating the use of paper in the invoicing process, from issuance, to sending and approval.

Much easier: No need for initial investment, technical skills or specific training; SaphetyDoc is an Internet based portal for sending and receiving business documents, such as orders, invoices, and delivery notes.
Much faster: Traditional electronic documents exchange solutions may take from two weeks to two months for a go-live. In SaphetyDoc, the whole registration process is made online. In just a few hours, your account is active and ready for use.
Much cheaper: The SaphetyDoc system is charged based on a monthly fee, which depends on the amount of documents exchanged. SaphetyDoc customers may also choose the payment plan that best suits their documentation volume and distribution schedule when exchanging documents with their business partners.

c. How it works
Online mode – Send and receive documents directly through the SaphetyDoc portal:

i) Receiving documents in online mode: access SaphetyDoc by using Username and Password and all sent and received documentation is available for viewing, printing and downloading. Each document matches a colour code that identifies its status: “awaiting confirmation”, “confirmed”, or “error”. Documents can be viewed directly at the website or downloaded in PDF format.

ii) Sending documents in online mode: replies to orders, delivery notes and invoices are created directly in SaphetyDoc using specific forms. The documents are automatically filled with the order details, thus making data insertion easier.

iii) Notifications: whenever a new document arrives, the system automatically sends an email to the address set during the registration process. This email may include a copy of the document received as attachment in PDF format.
Integration – The documents are sent automatically and integrated in the information system (ERP) of the organisations involved and they can be printed from the website or locally. This type of operation assumes there’s an integration project.
Saphety also provides integration software and services: the SaphetyDoc Integrator solution.