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With the SaphetyDoc solution you can fully automate the accounts payable process in your company.
Companies receiving a large number of invoices from their suppliers can achieve significant cost reductions by introducing an e-Invoice solution.

According to recent studies, organisations that automate the accounts payable process
have managed to reduce invoice-processing costs from 30% to 60%. Such reductions are
due to the following benefits for buyers and suppliers:
• Electronic invoice approval;
• Reduction in invoice errors;
• Reduction in errors associated to the introduction of invoices in the ERP’s;
• Increase of productivity of the invoices processing team;
• Reduction of invoice processing costs.

• Lower costs per invoice issued;
• Reduction of the number of rejected invoices;
• Follow-up of the invoice status at the customer;
• Reduction of invoice collection costs;
• Potentially faster payments.